Pantheon of Deities

Prime Deities

Stradarus- God of Justice and Truth

LyaraGoddess of Nature

GrytonGod of War and Tyranny

Greater Deities

AthalosGod of Life and Renewal

EshindaGoddess of Shadow and Secrets

YsyalaraGoddess of the Air, Oceans, and Weather

AgamonGod of Death and the Afterlife

KyraadaGod of Ruin and Chaos

IvandusGod of White Magic

N’kanatteshGod of Chromatic Dragonkind

TytherelisGod of Metallic Dragonkind

Lesser Deities

KaedynGod of Champions

AliraGoddess of Charity, Protection, and Freedom

SohniaGoddess of Love and Beauty

FelistaGoddess of the Forests

EreshkiGod of Music and Travel

IshvaraGoddess of Lust

AghandusGod of the Undead

SenaGoddess of Black Magic

TharkunGod of Craftsmen

SovelisGod of Mischief

GohranGod of Battle

MethonusKeeper of the Elements

AbbalahGod of Madness, Murder, and Suicide

BazzemmaGod of Gluttony and Disease

Pantheon of Deities

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