Paths of Chaos


Our story begins in the small mining town of Woodbrym at the foot of the Eastwall Mountains. Two men make their way into town near sunset. One, a man in plain looking brown leathers and looking as if he is always watching for opportunity is Veiron. The other, a large half-Orc in ragged hides and managing to look menacing and yet somewhat vacant at the same time is Droknar. They Arrive at one of the more popular taverns in town, the Emerald Eye Tavern. The tavern is owned by an ex-soldier named Retnor Hawkwind and he is assisted by his large muscular companion Laro. The two companions get rooms and after meals and a good bit of drink they head to their beds.

Veiron is awoken by the faint sounds of nails scraping on the wooden floor in the hall outside his room. After hearing the loud fumbling of someone attempting to pick the lock on his door, he waits in ambush. The door opens and 3 Kobolds rush into the room with spears in hand. Veiron dispatches one of the Kobolds as Droknar comes to his aid. Droknar and Veiron quickly dispatch the 3 Kobolds and move out into the hall to ensure that no others are going to attack. They see some Kobolds at the end of hallway busting open the door to a room.

to be coninued…



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